Don't Delay Happiness

North Cove Sailing Club is a Premier Sailing School, Membership Club, and Community Center in New York City’s Lower Manhattan that focuses on Skill Development, Education and Camaraderie. Club members learn from each other as they race and cruise in New York Harbor with a World Renowned backdrop anywhere you look.

Membership Includes:

  • Seven Day Cruising access aboard our fleet of Colgate 26’s
  • A 26 week Sailing Season from May 1st to October 31st
  • Spring and Summer 8 week Racing Series-Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • 10% off Educational Clinics & Seminars
  • North Cove Sailing Social Events


All North Cove Sailing Club Members join at a Crew level. Crew level Members can join our Skipper Members on sails, races, and cruises. A new Crew Development Program has been created to ensure Crew Members are given the chance to maximize their sailing time by linking them up with Mentor Skippers. Mentor Skippers will work with Crew Members on their sailing and boat handling skills and help integrate them into the Club’s Social Network. $1700/season

Skipper Upgrade
Skippers are the soul of our Club. Skippers are responsible for safely taking our Club Crew sailing — whether it be for races, day sails or cruises. These individuals are required to pass a special exam to ensure that they are competent to handle these responsibilities in a safe and skilled manner. A Skipper Development Program is available for Crew Members to start on the path to becoming a Skipper Member. $1700/season + $150 evaluation

Skipper Privilege Upgrade
With this Membership, Skipper Members get the feeling of owning their own boat! The Skipper Privilege Membership allows the FREEDOM to sail with Members and Guests of your choice with no guest fees! Members with the Skipper Privilege Membership are still encouraged but no longer required to take other Club Members sailing! $2500/season

To inquire about membership please email