Coastal Navigation

Want to sail away from NYC and into the Atlantic Ocean? Maybe you want to go cruising in the Caribbean or Mediterranean? Our Coastal Navigation course will get you ready to cast off with confidence as you journey further away from port!


Coastal Navigation is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to venture beyond the Hudson River. You’ll learn how to properly read charts to navigate safely and avoid hazards in addition to planning longer passages.

Expect to cover the following topics in your sessions:
-reading charts (symbols, scale, organization)
-plotting on paper charts
-aids to navigation (electronic charts)
-deviation and variation
-tides and currents
-running fixes
-passage calculations (distance, time, speed)


4-Day Course Learn all about navigation and passage making in our special Coastal Navigation course. This course is mostly classroom-based and runs over two consecutive weekends. Work through various navigation exercises as a group, then begin to create your own passages independently. Students will plan and chart their own passage on Sunday morning of the final session. Class is hosted Saturday and Sunday April 22/23 & 29/30 from 9 AM – 5 PM.


-US Sailing Coastal Navigation textbook
-US Sailing Coastal Navigation certification (if passed)
-paper learning charts
-Navionics electronic charts

What to Bring

-US Sailing Coastal Navigation textbook
-parallel rules
-charts or pilot books for examples (optional)

Make it official!

Students have the opportunity to take the US Sailing Coastal Navigation exam to earn certification. The exam is administered on the last day of class and is optional.